Food fight


Contestants raised money for the Friendly Kitchen

All bundled up and in high spirits, 11 “tributes” wait to be led to the arena for the third annual Hunger Games for Hunger, a fun recreational competition that raises money for the Friendly Kitchen. Mike Webb, Brennan Adams, Daniel Desmond, Grant Kegel and Hannah Miller were among students who earned $766 for the Concord soup kitchen on Saturday, Feb. 8. Organized by Della Dolcino and Joe Ossoff, two Concord High sophomores who acted as head game makers, the mock competition, based on the New York Times best selling Hunger Games trilogy written by Suzanne Collins, took place on 23 acres of wood and was an example of a new phenomenon called Live Action Roleplaying. Tributes fought to a pretend death with foam meelee weapons that couldn’t actually injure anybody. Sam Tierney, another sophomore, emerged the victor after four hours of “surviving” in the cold.