Katharine Demers: "Take gym classes early"


High school is not the glamorized funfest one sees in the movies where girls wear pink on Wednesdays and Zac Efron leads the student body in a perfect chorus of “We’re All In This Together.”
It’s much more important.  High school is a milestone in everyone’s life that helps upcoming adults determine where they want to go and what they want to do.
After four years at Concord High School, Katharine Demers has a plan that, like most people, has taken most of her high school career to establish.
“I’ve changed a lot with what I want to do with my life,” she said. “When I first came to high school I wanted to be on Broadway and go into theater, and then I had a realization that that was a really bad idea: not a guaranteed way of living. So I completely changed and now I want to go into forensic science.”
At Keene State College, Demers plans to major in biology with a minor in criminal justice. Her original plan was to minor in theater and try someday to pursue her theater dreams, but she decided to focus solely on her career goals.
“I’ll always do theater as a hobby,” said Demers, who has been active in drama club since she was a student at Rundlett Middle School.
Demers said she is ready to leave high school behind.
“I really have no sadness,” she said. “I guess like the thing I’m most sad for is not — I’m sad and happy about this — not living at home anymore, but that doesn’t really have to do with high school.”
An extracurricular she hopes to find at Keene State is something similar to Concord’s Presidential Candidates Club.
“I was never into politics. I was like, Ugh, I don’t really care, and this year I got super into it so now I wish I had joined that club,” she said. “Hopefully when I go to college they’ll have something like that.”
Asked how she’s grown from freshman to senior year, Demers joked, “Physically I’ve gotten a lot taller.”
Then she added, “I’ve definitely gotten better friends or like surrounded myself with a more positive group of people compared to who I was friends with freshman year.”
Something she said she realized late in the game is that she should’ve taken care of her gym credits when she was an underclassman. 
“I’m a 4th quarter senior and I have World Games period 7.  I used to have 5-7 open so I used to get to leave school at 11 o’clock,” she said. “Freshman year you’ll be like ‘I have no opens! This sucks!’ And then senior year when you have one class you’ll be like, ‘Thank. You. Jesus.’ that I did that.”
“Take your gym classes early,” she advised.