Skye Reese: "Enjoy it"


Skye Reese becomes emotional when she looks back on her years at Concord High School. Between theater, soccer, track, cross country, tennis, Latin Club, National Honor Society, the math team and community piano, Reese formed friendships and memories that she will never forget.
“I am totally going to miss the people. That is definitely true,” Reese said.
Reflecting on how she grew through four years at Concord High, she said that most importantly she learned to stop focusing so strongly on each grade she got or the thoughts of others around her.
She said she “realized to stop caring about what other people think. And I also realized that grades don’t actually matter that much.”
With that said, Reese will leave CHS as valedictorian of the Class of 2016.
“[After] four years of working hard and especially first semester of senior year, I was like, ‘Okay I made it this far. Let’s just keep it going one more semester,’ ” she said.
There were times Reese needed encouragement.
“I think that my go to person is always Mr. Kelly,” she recalled a few weeks ago. “In terms of what he says, I guess he just always encourages you to be, like, thinking and to enjoy learning for the sake of learning, and I thought that was pretty cool.”
“He also takes an interest in you as a person rather than just detaching,” she added.
Will all that Reese was involved in at CHS she never got to be a part of Granite State Challenge.
Also she wishes she “had not done soccer freshman year and done cross country and track. I would have started running sooner.” And, she would have taken AP courses earlier in her high school experience if she could do it all again.
As new freshmen students get ready to start their Concord High experience, Reese has some advice to offer.
Don’t get too stressed out about high school because “it is going to go by fast, so enjoy it, and don’t hate people, because by the time you get to senior year you realize that none of that mattered,” she said.
To next year’s seniors she said, “Apply early action if you can to schools. That is definitely worth it.” And, “Don’t procrastinate.”
Most importantly, Reese said, “Only do the things that you really want to do.”
Reese will spend the summer enjoying her time with friends, working at Chucksters and training for cross country at California Technical Institute, where she will begin studies in the fall.