Nick Skafidas: CHS "only the beginning"


If you’re looking for Nick Skafidas around the school, a good place to check is behind a video camera.
While Skafidas has participated in track and field at the school, competing in the shot put, his real interest is film.
Skafidas recently created the senior video shown to members of the Class of 2016 at an assembly last Thursday. (See video, below.)
Currently director of CHS Live, a broadcast he has been involved with for three years, Skafidas has run Concord High School’s annual Film Festival for two years, having participated in the CHS Film Society since he was a freshman.
Film Festival features movies made by students and other people across the world. Films are shown and then voted on.
“It is a free event and it is a great way for everyone to experience film in the making,” Skafidas said. This year’s festival was held two weeks ago.
Skafidas helped increase the film festival attendance rate by a substantial amount during his leadership of the Film Society. Skafidas took it from where only 12 people would come to having almost 75 in attendance along with 25 people viewing online.  
Being so involved in one area of the school has helped make high school such a positive experience for Skafidas, but when asked if there is anything he wished he had gotten involved with, he had an answer right away.
“Varsity Club would have been cool,” Skafidas said. “Just being more interactive with the community, because I kept to myself a lot and just a certain group of people when I don’t really see why that should happen. I feel like you should be able to be okay with everyone,” he said.

Film may or may not be Skafidas’ career choice in the future.
“I am going to take a year off to really kind of figure out what I want to do, and then if I don’t really find out what I want to do then I am going to go to college for video or film production,” Skafidas said about his plans for next year.
“I am going to work. I am going to do a part time job somewhere around my home, whether that’s at a restaurant, or a fast food place, or a basic store, but I do want to get some sort of good job that will allow me to make some good money in case I do go  to college next year.”
Skafidas has valued his time at Concord High School but he’s ready for what comes next.
“High school is only the beginning of your life,” he said. “Once you get through this it gets so much better.”