Bryce Currier: "Don't be intimidated"


Deerfield’s Bryce Currier says coming to Concord High was intimidating when he started here four years ago, in part because he spent the first few weeks of his freshman year in a wheelchair and it was difficult to get around this large new school.
Over the summer Currier had gotten into  a dirt biking accident and broken one bone in his wrist and two bones in his leg.
Currier discovered that the wheelchair actually helped him connect with people. “Teachers would let me leave five minutes early. Kids would offer to push me around. That’s how I made most of my friends.”
Connecting with people continued all during high school. Currier became active in KEY Club and the National Honor Society, performing a lot of community service between these two clubs. Currier and his family also hand out food baskets during the holiday season.
Currier also played sports. He was on the varsity soccer team his sophomore through senior years. At the start of this year’s season, Currier heard his team captain say, “You’ll most likely see us on the field at State Champs.” Currier thought maybe this was cocky but the team did go on to win the Division I state championship.
Having played soccer for most of his life, Currier hopes to play next year at the University of New Hampshire on a club or intramural team when he’s not studying toward a major in finance.
Currier said he is not afraid of losing touch with high school friends because some of them are going to UNH also. And, since UNH is close to the train to Boston, he can visit friends who study there. Social media will help him stay in touch with people too far away to visit.
Currier advised next year’s seniors to get in with their guidance counselors early in the year. Also they should visit colleges they’re interested in during the summer.
To freshmen Currier says: “Don’t listen to people telling you there’s a pool on the roof, and don’t be intimidated.”