Unsung hero: Wendy Kingsbury


“Unsung Heroes” is a new series of interviews and photos of Concord High School staff members who are underappreciated. They all help the school in their own way, perhaps by cleaning bathrooms, working in the cafeteria or answering phones.
Q: “What did you like or dislike about your own high school growing up?”
A: “Actually, it was Concord High School. (It was) definitely different.  We didn’t have all this new stuff.  Just the old building.  It’s gotten bigger over the years.”
Q: “Have you worked anywhere else?”
A: “Yes, I came from Mill Brook School before here.”
Q: “How long have you worked at Concord High School?”
A: “Since the second week of January, but I’ve worked for the district for over 16 years.”
Q: “How did you get the job?”
A: “I just applied and it was something that was convenient and easy for me.”
Q: “What does your typical workday look like?”
A: “Busy! Non-stop.  I make breakfast sandwiches, I help prepare meals for you kids and then I cashier for the rest of the day.”
Q: “What do you like about your job?”
A: “The people I work with, and seeing kids.  It’s a good environment to work in.”
Q: “What do you dislike about your job?”
A: “When kids are sick and they come to school (laughs).”
Q: “What is the easiest or most fun part of your job?”
A: “Honestly, when it’s time to go home.”
Q: “What is the hardest part of your job?”
A: “Making sure the money comes out right. If a student doesn’t have enough, you do feel bad.  I have extra change of my own that I will give to them. Come on, they’re kids.  It’s hard.”
Q: “How do you and the people who do your type of job help Concord High School every day?”
A: “We make sure that the kids are fed in a timely manner, and that they have enough time to eat.”
Q: “What is the strangest thing that ever happened during your job here at Concord High School?”
A: “Honestly? It makes me wonder if I was like this when I was in high school.  Doing the things, wearing the things (that they do). It just brings you back to your high school years.”
Q: “What can the students of Concord High do to make your job easier?”
A: “Have patience when the computers are not working and it backs up the line.  Cause you only have two cashiers and you’re trying to get all these kids through the line as fast as you can and all of a sudden your computer will freeze up. Also, try to have small bills not large bills.”