Yadhav Darjee: Embracing change


Saying goodbye to school when graduating is hard enough, but having to say goodbye to a school family is even harder.
For senior and active Be the Change Club member Yadhav Darjee, that’s exactly the challenge.
Darjee came to America in 2012 from Nepal, which is about 7,300 miles away. His first challenge being in a new environment was learning American slang and making friends.
But when he signed up for Be the Change club his freshmen year, he was welcomed by support and long-lasting friendships.
“It was the best thing I ever did. I learned that everybody is different,” he said.
“It’s always been about diversity at Concord High,” said Darjee. “We are a family, and we are leaving as a family.”
Through Be the Change he met many people who have inspired him. One of the biggest inspirations in his life has been CHS social worker Anna-Marie DiPasquale, somebody he’s worked closely with for four years.
The most important pice of advice DiPasquale gave him, Darjee said, was: “Never give up, even under difficult circumstances.”
Just a couple of weeks ago he participated in his last International Night, an annual multicultural celebration held by the club. “It’s sad to think about. I’ve been doing this event every year,” he said of the event, which features performances, food and games.
Following graduation Darjee will also remember how much time he devoted to playing music during his time in school. He has been playing guitar since he was in the fourth grade and he has written some of his own songs.
“If I had more time, I would have liked to play flute for the marching band, piano or maybe even violin,” he said, explaining that he has used music to get through occasional struggles at school and through his transition to life in the United States.
Darjee plans to attend NHTI next fall. “If all goes right, I would really like to attend Keene State afterward,” he said.
He intends to major in either accounting or business.
This seems appropriate for someone who has worked as hard academically as he has. Darjee has managed to keep all his grades above A’s and B’s all throughout high school.
He advises next year’s seniors to “start thinking about your college as early as you can. Think about your possible career too.”
To incoming freshmen he says, “Be yourself and don’t bother trying to fit in. It’s better for you in the long run.”
Darjee hopes to travel and visit friends in Texas and Pennsylvania prior to beginning college. He hopes to find a job before starting classes in September. “Overall prepare myself for the real world.”