Maggie Lee: "Make the most of it"


Graduating senior Maggie Lee took part in many clubs and opportunities during her time at Concord High School, including the musical honor society Tri-M. 
Community service is part of the society’s mission “so we do a lot of things related to music, like, we volunteer for a nursing home,” Lee said. “We basically go and sing there, like, every month. That is a new thing we started.”
Volunteering and service are important to Lee, who helped start a charity during her sophomore year.
“Me and my friends [such as Joe Ossoff, Della Dolcino, Skye Reese and Peter Newland]  started this organization called Hunger Games for Hunger. Long story short, it is basically a charity and we hold an event where kids come and compete and stuff,” she explained.
Hunger Games for Hunger has raised more than $4,000 for Concord’s Friendly Kitchen and Lee considers this act of helping out one of her biggest accomplishments during her high school career.
“It’s been really successful over the years and I’ve gotten to make a lot of friendships with people I hadn’t met before,” she said.
Lee said she has definitely grown during her time at Concord High. “I have definitely learned a lot, like, how to be a person, kind of being a little more independent.”
Her friends have always been there for her, but many other people have also made an impact.
“When I was little, I would usually hang out with boys in my class a lot. I was kind of a tomboy. Then one day they told me that I couldn’t hang out with them,” she recalled.
“So I talked to my teacher (who was like the sweetest person on Earth) and she saw me crying and she was like, ‘You know what? Girls are awesome.’ So from that I learned about feminism and it’s definitely a moral thing I am proud to have.”
While Lee has been active at CHS,  there are things she was not able to do.
If she’d had more time to be in a club, she said it would have been “Art Honor Society, because I didn’t take any art classes so I couldn’t be apart of it even if I wanted to. But I think it seemed really cool and I really like art so I would have loved it.” Lee still loves to draw on her own.
A future pharmacist, Lee will attend Northeastern University in the fall after some summer travel with her mother. ”Over the summer I am going to China, which is really cool because that is where my mom and dad are from.”
Lee advises that freshmen “branch out more and not be afraid to talk to people, because as a freshman you get intimidated by everything, at least I did.”
“I will always remember from the first day as a freshman,” she recalled. “I was walking down the music hall and there was always this one spot where all of my friends would sit at. That’s definitely something I will remember,  because I was so scared and then I saw my friends’ faces and I was like, okay we’ll be fine.”
“Just you do you and find time for friends,” she recommends. “They’re the ones that are going to keep you sane.”
In fact, she said, “The most emotional part of leaving CHS is not seeing friends as often and leaving really cool teachers. Luckily a lot of my friends will also be in Boston so we will be able to hang out sometimes. We also will send care packages to everyone which is really cool because we will get to receive gifts from one another.”
Lee urges next year’s seniors to consider early decision, “when you tell a college that you’re going there no matter what so that they accept you.o  So that you don’t have to worry about it the rest of the year.”
This can definitely make senior year less stressful, she said. Beyond that, “Make the most of it. I know that seems very cliche, but it is true. You want to make sure you have time and you make memories that you will remember.”