Azra Khan: Family first


When Azra Khan moved to America as a 14 year old from Swat, Pakistan — a country split by war — she enrolled at Concord High not speaking a word of English.
Now a graduating senior who speaks English fluently, Khan plans to attend NHTI when the year is done.
Khan made it through a lot of tough challenges at CHS, one being science. “When I came here it was really hard and I worked really hard to pass the class,¨ she recalled.
She didn’t do it alone. She got help from teachers she looked up to and who inspired her, including those who worked with New Americans.
Khan regrets a few things in her earlier years at CHS. “I never would’ve done study classes” or study halls, but instead would have taken additional classes instead. She thinks that she might she might have made the rest of high school harder for herself.
Khan’s grandfather has lived in America for 20 years, the first from their family to move here. In the four years since Khan has been in New Hampshire she hasn’t had time to participate in sports or clubs because she has been busy with school and family responsibilities.
Connecting with family back in Pakistan is important to Khan, who hopes to do so after attending NHTI for two years and then completing a four-year degree.