Courtyard trashed (for a reason)


Envirocorps members also sold water bottles | Photo by Katy Hochberg

Trash was strewn across the courtyard Thursday, May 8, but this time for a purpose.
“Trash on the Lawn” was an organized event advocating the proper disposal of reusable and non-reusable trash items.
The contents of 20 classroom trash cans were weighted individually, then sorted by six teams of five to six people. Recyclable items — including plastics, glass, and paper — were then reweighed in order to evaluate Concord High’s efforts in limiting waste.
“We’re trying to show how environmentally aware CHS students and teachers are. We are trying to raise awareness,” said senior and avid Envirocorps Club member Serina Ju.
Trash on the Lawn DayCompostable materials (i.e. food items) were not collected. Said Donna Reardon, science teacher and advisor of  Envirocorps, “We’re working with food services in order to be able to compost food products. It is required by law in Vermont.”
Trash on the Lawn Day was originally developed by the Northeast Resource Recover Association’s School Recycling Club Program. Four perspectives are outlined by TOLD: Envisioning and Action Planning, Audit Planning, Performing the Audit Event,and Presentation of Results and Action Plan Implementation.
Raising awarenessConcord’s even Thursday was an audit event, or one staged in a highly visible area as a mode of increasing awareness.
Reardon called on volunteers to staff the trash sorting. Aprons and gloves were provided. Students had to wear closed toe shoes instead of sandals or flip-flops.
“It was a good turn out. D lunch had the most people at about 14,” said Ju. “I thought it was really good. I was surprised that many people enjoyed it.”