Cracking down


School administration is cracking down on school security since a Jan. 10 trashcan fire lit in the 300 wing east building boys’ bathroom. Passes are now being required to travel to any part of the building.
“We will most likely only keep up this procedure until midterms begin,” said Kaileen Chilauskas, assistant principal. “It would be almost impossible to monitor every child during midterms so at this point we will reevaluate.”
The Concord High School administration has come up with a few ideas to maintain the safety of the students:

  • Using student IDs, codes and stickers more frequently.
  • Encouraging students to take more classes with the intent to lower the amount of opens.
  • Finding new areas for students to hang out, possibly eliminating the Student Center.
  • Providing one point of entry for movement through the school.

Student and teacher input is very important in future security decisions that will be made for the Concord High community, Chilauskas said. She would like everyone to know that commons doors are always open and ideas are welcome.
“Concord High has been known for its least restrictive environment and we just need to find the balance between safety and freedom,”  she explained.