Celebrate the pen

“It took 60 years and 3 inventors for the ballpoint pen and the ballpoint pen to be made of a metal ball of ink,” according to an article on ballpoint pens from the website How Products are Made.
The patent for this invention was issued on Oct. 30, 1888, to a man named John J.  Loud.
I love pens because they write smooth and because I like the colors of pens.
A pen is better than a pencil because you don’t have to sharpen it or have it break while using it.
“On average pens can write 4500 words,” according to PenFactory.com.
Technology has affected pens because now people prefer to type instead of write.
A new pen has been made called the smartpen which records what you hear.
When you write with it you can hook it up to your laptop so you can see your writing later.
Still there are over a million pens sold each year, according to a Prezi (online presentation) created by Thor Anderskow.

There is even a ballpoint pen day: June 10.

I hope that people will write more because having good handwriting is important and I think penmanship is awesome because everyone’s is different.
There are many types of pens I like to use.
DSC_1589 (2)I like  click pens because I like how they write.
I like ballpoint pens because I like their colors.
Also I like the spy pen because I like how it take pictures.
I like Bic gel pens because I like their grip.
But my favorite brand of pen is Papermate because it has a stylus. My favorite color pen is red. I love pens so much that I  carry a lot with me everywhere I go!