ROPE celebrates 40 years


Students in Concord High’s Reaching Our Potential in Education (ROPE) class completed their final exam weekend trip Sunday, Jan. 10, making themselves the 40th anniversary crew of a program begun in 1976.
Exactly 12 students and four adults camped out Friday and Saturday nights, a feat that required packing in gear, food and supplies, cooking meals and hiking three icy peaks (Piper, Belknap, and Gunstock).
This semester has been a life experience journey that has pulled together a very diverse group of kids who normally would not hang out together, but now have built trusted friendships.
ROPE is the legacy of Tom Herbert, Social Studies teacher extraordinaire, who pioneered the course back in 1976.  This group represents the first 40th Anniversary crew to brave the wilderness.
A big thanks goes out to Meagan Comstock in her first semester as a ROPE Trip Leader, and to Jessamyn Rockwell and Aaron Marquis as dedicated volunteers.  This is the first time in a long time we have had two male and two female chaperons available to support ROPE students.
As course selections for 2016-2017 will soon begin, all current CHS students are encouraged to sign up for ROPE.  The class accepts a mix of students entering grades 10, 11 and 12.  ROPE is offered as a semester class, but with the additional four weekend trips, students earn one credit (1/2 Elective and 1/2 PE).
ROPE students engage in rigorous outdoor activities to successfully demonstrate teamwork, community service and wilderness survival skills.  Students participate in rock climbing, trail construction, backpacking and other outdoor adventures.
Fundraising events and four weekend trips (announced in advance) are required to pass the course. ROPE students will experience mental and physical challenges designed to bring out their personal best.