Jekyll & Hyde opens May 8


Drama Club members run through Jekyll & Hyde

Concord High School actors are getting ready to slay audiences with their production of Jekyll and Hyde, which runs May 8-10 at 7 p.m.
The show tells a story of a scientist, Dr. Jekyll, who conducts tests on himself to separate good and evil in humans. In the process he creates alter ego Mr. Hyde, who threatens to ruin his life.
Members of the Drama Club, also known as CAST, have been rehearsing this musical under the direction of Clint Klose since February.
Concord theatre veteran Tyler Shore, a sophomore, will play the roles of both Jekyll and Hyde onstage.
“Developing two characters has been something very new to me. I really have to embody the good and the evil in man,” said Shore. “Two is twice the work!”
The show will take place in the Concord High Auditorium; tickets are $12 for adults and $10 for students and seniors. Parents are cautioned that the show is rated PG-13 for some adult content and violence.
Some CHS students will see previews of the show during classes Thursday morning.
Tyler Shore
“It’s dark, and not the easiest story to comprehend maturely,” said Della Dolcino, another sophomore performer.
Freshman Juliet Greenwood will play the role of Emma, Jekyll’s fiancé, in her first CAST Musical.
“It hasn’t hit me yet (how close the show is), but it probably will during the overture or warm-ups. Then I will have to meditate like usual and give myself a pep talk to get in character and be ready,” said Greenwood.
The pressure is not only on actors. As with past CHS shows, performers will work with a live pit orchestra made up of musicians who auditioned to participate.

Tyler Shore (above) sings his heart out during “The Transformation,” one of the musical’s highlight songs. “The hard part is making the transformation believable, not cheesy!” he said.

“It’s really challenging because it’s the same music played by professional musicians on Broadway,” said Jim Foley, Concord High musical director and band teacher.
“The students are working really hard and see it as an exciting, motivating challenge. They become better musicians because of it,” Foley said.
Concord High has earned a reputation of producing high-quality musicals, and people involved are feeling some pressure to live up to those expectations.
“After seeing all the other CAST musicals I feel excited to be a part of something so big, but there are also a lot of high expectations to match,” said Greenwood.
Up until recently, the pit orchestra has been learning the music separately, and musicians had yet to join with the cast to rehearse.
Allison Tessier, a sophomore participating with the pit orchestra for a second time, used past experience to predict what it will be like when they get to do the real thing.
“Some people don’t think that we are actually in the show. You will learn lines by having to know cue lines for songs, and at the end it’s crazy how much you will know from the show!” said Tessier.
“This is probably the most talented cast of singers they have had in a while,” said Claire Celestin, a senior portraying the role of Lucy. She is currently in CAST for her second and last high school show.
Tickets can be purchased at the door or reserved by calling 717-7670.