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Why third parties are important for U.S. democracy

October 28, 2020 2:27pm | Logan Keene

As a follower of the US and NH Libertarian Party, I do notice that we get a lot of scrutiny based off of our niche views on the economy as well as social programs throughout the United States. It may be best to clarify those […]

Support concussion research

May 9, 2018 2:02pm | Drew Livingston

The May 22 informational meeting scheduled for Concord High School students who want to play fall sports next year may bring thoughts of falling leaves and cool weather but for those interested in football or another contact sport, next season brings something else too: the risk […]

Only two wheels and two legs needed

June 9, 2017 10:01am | Nicole Toler

People have choices. That’s the great thing about America. There’s always an opportunity to choose between things that we want. Fast food or steakhouse? Candy or fruit? Many choices have healthy alternatives. Humans can choose, for example, how they would like to travel. New and improved […]

Keep supporting sports

June 6, 2017 2:19pm | Kody Hardy

Taxpayers across the country sometimes struggle with funding schools and extracurricular activities. When budgets lack money, communities consider cutting some programs. Sports are a popular target because they’re not an academic subject and aren’t mandatory for a high school curriculum, and costs can run high when it comes […]

Climate change damaging our oceans

June 5, 2017 11:33am | Talia Ungarelli

Climate change is a natural occurrence. The earth is heated by the sun and some of the heat escapes through the atmosphere. In the past there have been drastic climate changes such as the Ice Age and then the Melt down. However, human activity has […]

Why are more people dying on American roads?

May 30, 2017 4:50pm | Tyler Reese

It is no secret that today’s cars are as safe as cars have ever been. They are loaded with devices designed to protect you in a crash, and increasingly equipped with devices designed to prevent crashes in the first place. And yet in this modern […]

Celebrate the pen

January 28, 2016 11:53am | Max Rand

“It took 60 years and 3 inventors for the ballpoint pen and the ballpoint pen to be made of a metal ball of ink,” according to an article on ballpoint pens from the website How Products are Made. The patent for this invention was issued […]

"Hey" you

December 18, 2014 9:56am | Sam Pearl

It’s Friday night, and you and your girlfriends decide to watch your high school’s hockey team take on another team. Bundled up in the rink, you notice that player number three is pretty cute. You’ve seen him a couple of times around school and you definitely want […]

Let's cheer the cheerleaders for once

December 11, 2014 9:57am | Hannah Linquata

It’s Sunday afternoon at Pinkerton Academy. Judges check the blue mats for hair pins. Team moms hang posters and signs. The stands are packed. Lights radiate heat. Boys and girls warm up behind the bleachers. Suddenly the crowd roars as DJ Tim announces Bedford High School and athletes set […]

Not worth it

September 24, 2014 3:40pm | Lindsay Irwin

When you think of a school fundraiser, what comes to mind? Maybe a couple of kids at a bake sale or some going door-to-door with raffle tickets to sell. Seldom do you hear of a benefit that purposely exploits living things. In this case it was […]