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Senior directed plays this Friday and Saturday

November 1, 2017 9:08am | Matthew O'Brien

Senior Directed One Acts will be performed Friday, Nov. 3, and Saturday, Nov. 4, from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m. in the Christa McAuliffe Auditorium at Concord High School. Tickets will be sold for $9 at the door. The school calendar has said that there will […]

Wicked Fit, wicked helpful

October 27, 2017 11:50am | Leila Spires

It’s not too late to sign up for the Wicked Fit Run, a kid-friendly 5k race that starts at 9:30 a.m. tomorrow, Oct. 28, at Rollins Park on Broadway. Since this event takes place so close to Halloween, organizers highly encourage runners to wear costumes. […]

Being the change

October 25, 2017 2:24pm | Julia Peabody Harhigh

On Sunday, Oct 1, Concord High School’s Be the Change Club hosted a car wash at Arnie’s Restaurant on Loudon Road in Concord. This car wash was intended to raise money for various school and community events that Be the Change hosts throughout the school […]

Sunday at the Deerfield Fair

October 24, 2017 7:28pm | Matthew O'Brien

The 141st Deerfield Fair ran from Thursday, Sept. 28, through Sunday, Oct. 1, 2017. New England’s oldest “Family Fair,” as it is called by those who run the fair, draws more than 100,000 people each year to exhibitions, contests, vendors and amusement rides. From the […]

Inside Deerfield Fair’s best apple crisp stand

October 23, 2017 8:26am | Madison Crawford

On Thursday, September 28, the Deerfield Fair opened its gates for the weekend and the first of thousands of visitors began arriving to see exhibits and view competitions. They also came to eat, and vendors like Joshua Whatmough, who owns the Deerview Orchards apple crisp […]

Friday night lights

October 20, 2017 8:59am | Nena Hall

Concord High’s football team just had its Homecoming game Oct. 14 against the Bedford Bulldogs. The Crimson Tide ended up losing the game 56-13. The team’s current record is two wins of the season, against Spaulding and Manchester Memorial, and five losses. The team has […]


June 9, 2017 1:29pm | Rebecca Malloy

Students in AP Psychology classes celebrated Concord High’s annual “Psych Fair” Wednesday, June 7, with experiments and presentations during Period 6. Topics included sensation, perception, conformity, obedience, learning, memory, stereotyping, personality and more. “A high level of conformity was shown in various experiments, which was a very […]

Only two wheels and two legs needed

June 9, 2017 10:01am | Nicole Toler

People have choices. That’s the great thing about America. There’s always an opportunity to choose between things that we want. Fast food or steakhouse? Candy or fruit? Many choices have healthy alternatives. Humans can choose, for example, how they would like to travel. New and improved […]

Keep supporting sports

June 6, 2017 2:19pm | Kody Hardy

Taxpayers across the country sometimes struggle with funding schools and extracurricular activities. When budgets lack money, communities consider cutting some programs. Sports are a popular target because they’re not an academic subject and aren’t mandatory for a high school curriculum, and costs can run high when it comes […]

Climate change damaging our oceans

June 5, 2017 11:33am | Talia Ungarelli

Climate change is a natural occurrence. The earth is heated by the sun and some of the heat escapes through the atmosphere. In the past there have been drastic climate changes such as the Ice Age and then the Melt down. However, human activity has […]