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Sign up for Nov. 9 badminton tourney

On Thursday, Nov. 9, from 3 – 7 p.m., the Varsity Club is hosting a badminton championship in the big gym.

Admission into the championship requires a team or two or three players. Individuals pay $5 each.

Organizers encourage players to dress up or have a team uniform but this is not required.

Senior Helen Massah, who serves as secretary of the club, said the event is “just for fun” and not a fundraiser of any sort.

Sign-ups are in the cafeteria during all lunches this week. People in the Main Office might also be able to help students sign up.

The championship has not been a success in recent years but this year the club is putting in more advertising and trying to put out the word a bit more.

“Big tournament, lotta fun,” said Varsity Club vice president Spencer Burgess.

Julianna Gullage contributed to this report.